Chill Out At VRcadia

When you come to VRcadia, we want you to feel at home. Our comfortable couches are great for hanging out, chatting, and relaxing. Our friendly staff is always willing to strike up a conversation about VR, tech, and community. Come spend some time with us!

First Time Trying Virtual Reality?

Don’t sweat it. Nothing brings a smile to our faces like seeing the expressions of someone who is trying VR for the first time. We’re happy to explain how it works, get you comfortable, and find the perfect experience for you. We’ll even let you peek into the headset without putting it on if you’re nervous! Check out our FAQ by clicking the button below if you have any questions about virtual reality ūüôā

VR Experience Catalog

At VRcadia you can experience the best in VR from shooting zombies to travelling the world!

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