Wait, is VR a gaming platform?

VRcadia Blog   •   January 25, 2018

W ell… no and yes, VR is actually a new medium of expression. Let me take some time to unpack that idea. A quick google search reveals medium to be defined as “the intervening substance through which impressions are conveyed to the senses or a force acts on objects at a distance”. Which pretty much means that different mediums are things like: television shows, painting, video games, 3D movies, projection, sculpting and now, virtual reality!

Okay so it’s a medium of expression. Does that mean you should care?

Here is my perspective: Would you have wanted to know about movies when they started?

Virtual reality is a new way to consume quality content, both new and old. A new way to experience the creativity locked within each individual, through a lens that gives the best glimpse we have ever had at a perspective. By putting you right into the experience, right into the creative expression, we begin to be able to engage the empathy circuits of our brains to a degree we never could before. So yeah I think you should care. This new medium of expression is already changing the manufacturing, robotics, design, film and e-commerce industries.

So, this means that experiencing art, museum tours, traveling around the planet, controlling machines, designing and manufacturing products, being a WW2 soldier or fighting a horde of zombies has never felt more 1st person perspective. The point of view you have in virtual reality is the point of view of your character and because of the nature of how 1 to 1 wearing a VR headset has begun to feel you really do get to experience a very authentic and direct view of this new medium.

Below are some images of what it feels like to be in VR:

  • In a VR headset you are within millimeters of the screen displaying the VR images to you
  • Because of that distance and a few display tricks the image surrounds you in VR
  • As a result you become the character and the experience becomes intensely immersive