Virtual worlds and Cryptocurrency: a marriage made in virtual reality

VRcadia Blog   •   January 13, 2018

T he intersection between cryptocurrency and VR may seem like some far-flung futuristic ideal. However, one man and a company are working on this very concept. Have you ever heard of Second life? A popular online world, that was created by Linden Labs in 2003. At its peak, it had over 1 million regular users. Its selling point was that it wasn’t a game, no manufactured conflicts or set objectives were a part of it. Instead it was a place people could go to create virtual versions of themselves as avatars, create objects and places they could interact with. You used a virtual currency called Linden Dollars, which was exchangeable for real currency once outside the game.

The founder of Second Life, Linden Labs, has evolved this concept further with the advent of virtual reality. Now they've created Sansar, a virtual world builder made for virtual reality. And the currency you’ll be using there is a cryptocurrency, that functions similarly to bitcoin. (To learn more about how cryptocurrencies work, check out this great article: What is cryptocurrency?)

This is mind-blowing for a number of reasons.

  • First, neither of these ideas are small, a world builder engine and a cryptocurrency.

  • Second, neither of these ideas seemed feasible 5 years ago.

  • Third, both these ideas come at a perfect time in terms of hype.

World Building

To create a virtual reality building engine you need to simplify the process of building worlds. Normally the process would involve an entire team. However, by crowdsourcing 3D model builds, and creating a marketplace where these 3D models can be purchased using their proprietary cryptocurrency all within virtual reality, you start to make it worth for professionals to create for Sansar. Once you have enough 3D models, you now have the building blocks for worlds. Well, it’s not quite that simple but you get what I mean.

Now Sansar isn’t just planning to let their world be as simple as just a builder. Similar to Second life, you can really explore these worlds. Traveling from a world you’ve constructed to another world someone else has constructed, having public and private worlds. Each world having unique social experiences. You begin to create an ecosystem of worlds. The plan is for this to evolve to a point where Sansar is a competitor to things like WebVR. A one-stop shop for virtual worlds. A place to create, experience and play.

This is a lofty dream but if anyone has the experience needed to create this expanse of virtual universes it’s probably Linden Labs.