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VRcadia with Platero Visual & I.Am Design Haus collectively present…


Come enjoy an audiovisual concert experience like nothing else!

Combining music, video, dynamic lighting, VR headsets, and cutting-edge tech you’ve never seen before, we’ll take you to another world we’ve carefully created just for you.

With an upgraded venue and more fantastic technology than ever before, this immersive experience will open your eyes to new possibilities.

Included in the ticket price:

Your own immersive experience in an upgraded virtual reality booth during the show!

Unlimited premium herbal tea!

Couches, cushions, foam mats – stand, sit, or lay down to bask in the music!

Full musical concert sets by two amazing artists!

For maximum enjoyment, you’re welcome to bring your own mug, pillow, blanket, or other things to help you feel right at home!

People from all experience levels and walks of life are equally welcome.
No prior meditation experience necessary. Experienced meditators will find something new and wonderful, too.


JWMB3 – meditative multi-instrumental sample-mixing ambient magic for your soul.
Joseph invites you to come get cozy, relax, and restore! We can’t wait to unwind.

AVM – multi-layered low-frequency immersive ambient waterfalls – dive in! The water is warm and wonderful.
Andrew mysteriously intones: “I am animal… and vegetable… and mineral – and so are you.” We’re intrigued!

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