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VRcadia presents:

In celebration of 100 days until Halloween, VRcadia is offering a spooktacular evening with 10 horror experiences guaranteed to make your blood run cold. Complete with live entertainment, food, and a costume contest!

Face your fears in virtual reality at VRcadia’s first ever horror night in celebration of 100 days until Halloween!

Terror Tuesday will have you screaming bloody murder as you explore up to 10 different horror experiences.

  • Play hide and seek with malicious dolls in Emily Wants to Play
  • Face your fear of heights in Richie’s Plank Experience
  • See how far you can make it in the haunted house Affected: The Manor
  • Shoot horrific monsters in The Brookhaven Experiment.

Whatever your fear, there is something to curdle everyone’s blood.

In addition to the horror VR experiences, there will also be a costume contest, food, live entertainment, and more!

Book your booth for $30 for the hour, and invite your friends! Up to four people can share one booth, with one person jumping out of their skin and the rest recording every squeal for their Instagram story.

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