What is Neurable?

VRcadia Blog   •   February 7, 2018

Neurable Headset VRCADIA vr arcade

Neurable, is awesome for so many reasons. Let me start with my favorite.

Neurable’s VR headset is made up of an HTC Vive with a headstrap, which is almost a full head EEG cap. EEG is a series of electrodes that are used to read the activity of groups of neurons all over the brain. This basically allows for Neurable to take brain data and translate it to impact how the VR environment interacts with you.

Controlling VR with your mind

Well more specifically with the average neural signaling of your brain activity.

So, the idea with Neurable is right now we use hand based controllers for VR like Oculus touch or Vive wands, these have 6 degrees of freedom, which means you can move around in any of the directions shown in the below image:


Which is pretty awesome, on its own and by tracking these directions, plus your head, by tracking the headset you can substract a lot of complex movements like shooting a bow or drawing a picture.

However, this is however limited compared to telekinesis, thinking you want an object to move forwards and in real-time it moves. Telekinesis is something our society has been obsessed with since Jesus and probably even before with Shakuni, discussed in Sanskrit texts as “telekinetically manipulating the dice in a crucial game to alter the outcome in his favor, kicking off the main plot of one of two the major Sanskrit epics of ancient India, as well as the Hindu age of Kali Yuga. Perhaps the first telekinetic, Shakuni reshaped history with his mind back in 400 BC.” Credit to https://www.thecredits.org/2013/10/the-carrie-phenomenon-a-brief-history-of-telekinesis/

Flash to the present day, 2018

We finally have the technology needed to drop you into a realistic virtual world where you can interact with that world using your mind. You are telekinetic for all intents and purposes in this world. However, that’s just the beginning. If we combine therapeutic applications with human computer interfacing opportunities we have some game changing tech. Imagine if therapy was you playing a roleplaying game, interacting with fairies or whatever you’re into, and the EEG headset is altering the environment, in ways it knows will cause you to be healthier mentally and physically. This has so many implications and I couldn’t be more excited to hear what Neurable does next.

The future

The future of VR controllers, haptics and accessories is one where we continue to transport more of our body into VR. Allowing us to feel more present in the experience and as we begin to integrate VR with more components, we gain functions that aren’t possible in real life, we begin to really create amazing possibilities for VR to augment our lives.

Neurable has just joined HTC’s Vive X start-up fund program, which means Neurable is not going anywhere in the foreseeable future and will only continue to expand their offerings.

I look forward to the day I get to try it myself and you can definitely expect VRCADIA to be at the forefront of integrating new components to VR!!!