VRcadia joined the stage at the Pillar Community Innovation Awards to create and inspire a new vision for London.

Now it’s your turn.

What is your vision for London?

Earlier this year, Pillar Nonprofit Network approached the VRcadia team to explore how Virtual Reality could be integrated as a performance into the Pillar Community Innovation Awards, one of the biggest celebrations of positive community impact in London, Ontario. For our team, this performance was an opportunity to bring Londoners on a journey of discovery, using Virtual Reality as the platform. We asked ourselves – what does it mean to re-envision our city? How can we leverage new technologies to tell stories, inspire people to act, and bring communities together?

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Explore a New Vision for London in Virtual Reality

Explore London in Virtual Reality

There is a power, and elegance, in the fusion of technology, music, art and the people that make up our community. Experience the full performance.

Tilt Brush Artists: Kristyn Watterworth & S

Virtual Cinematography: Edward Platero

Music: Alex Ven & Joel Jacobs

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